Are There Identical Quintuplets?

According to, the closest conceivable set of identical quintuplets were born in Poland in the year 2008. However, the possibility of identical quintuplets does exist. Prior to then, the Dionne sisters, who were born in Ontario, Canada in 1934, were the only known identical quintuplets. They were born in a set of five.

According to information provided on, the probability of getting five sets of identical quintuplets is around one in fifteen million. It is not unusual for assisted reproductive technologies to result in the creation of many embryos; nevertheless, these embryos almost always end up being multizygotic, also known as fraternal embryos. The formation of many embryos from a single egg is referred to as monozygotic. It is very unusual to give birth to more than two or three monozygotic children by natural means, hence having more than two or three monozygotic children is nearly unheard of.