Do Carbonated Beverages Expand Your Stomach?

According to For Dummies, carbonated drinks may induce a transient distension of a person’s stomach; nevertheless, sodas can generate long-term difficulties in a person’s digestive system. One to three hours after consuming seltzer water, for instance, you can have some abdominal distention.

According to the book “For Dummies,” consuming soda on a regular basis might result in an enlarged stomach due to the sugar content of the beverage as well as the carbonation. Even diet drinks may induce bloating due to the artificial sweeteners that they contain, which can create inflammation and lead to the condition.

According to For Dummies, the ideal strategy for those who prefer carbonated drinks but do not want the bloat and health concerns associated with them is to restrict consumption to one drink a day of sparkling water, either plain or flavoured, that does not include any artificial sweeteners.