How Can You Tell If Someone Is a Witch?

If the individual in question is female and own a pet, this may be an indication that they are a witch. The witch’s familiar animal may take on several forms and carry out the witch’s commands when it does so.

Some of the most prevalent indications that a person practises witchcraft are as follows:

  • If an individual develops a wart, it is possible that their spirit familiar is consuming their flesh in order to sustain itself. Warts of this kind often develop in the space between the fingers.
  • During the Salem witch trials, accusations of witchcraft were levelled more often against women than they were against males. The theory that women have less self-control than males was the thinking behind this. They had a significantly increased risk of facing prosecution if they were of middle age, single, and childless.
  • When in public, witches could give off an impression of being socially inappropriate. For instance, they could spend a lot of time being angry, or they might engage in conduct that irritates other people, or they might behave weirdly with youngsters.
  • It is evidence that the person who issued the threat is a witch if the threat ultimately comes to pass.
  • The appearance of a person’s ghost in a residence late at night is yet another unmistakable indication that the person in question is a witch.

During the witch trials, those who were accused of practising witchcraft were put through several tests to establish whether or not they were guilty:

  • It was determined that those who had the ability to swim were practising witchcraft. In most cases, those who were blameless perished in the water.
  • People who were able to recite the Lord’s Prayer in its entirety without faltering or leaving out any parts were not witches.
  • In other cases, judges would prepare a cake with the urine of the person accused of being a witch and then give it to a dog. If the dog passed away, the person was judged to be guilty.