How Do I Obtain a DD215?

The piece of documentation known as a DD 215 that is required to amend a Certificate of Release of Discharge from Active Duty issued by the United States military may be acquired by sending a letter of request to the commander of the U.S. Army Human Resources Command. This request has to contain an explanation of why a modification is required.

Certificates of release are issued to each and every veteran who has been medically released from active military service. It is called a DD 214, and it is a highly significant official document that helps offer evidence of service and discharge for both the veteran and the United States military. This document is crucial since it helps provide a proof of service and discharge for both parties. However, under some circumstances, modifications to this document are need to be made. If a veteran who has been recently released has to make changes to the information on his DD 214, he must file a DD 215. The only modifications that need to be made are ones that took place while a veteran was serving in the reserves or while they were on active duty.

It is possible for retired military members to modify any aspect of their discharge information at any time. This pertains to both the certificate of discharge and any supporting papers, such as divorce decrees or name changes. However, in order for the modifications that are being made to retirees’ documents to become official, all retirees are required to present formal verification of their identification before the adjustments can be made.