How Do You Do a Reverse 800 Number Lookup? has an option for doing a reverse phone number search for 800 lines, in addition to offering this service for the majority of other landline numbers. Other services, such as, include lists of numbers that have been reported by users, along with user comments on each number.’s Phone section may be accessed by selecting the tab that has the same name on the website’s navigation bar. In the search field, type the number, and then hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

If does not yield any information on the phone number, it is possible that the number is in Canada since the country code for Canadian phone numbers is +1. Listings of Canadian phone numbers may be found on the website You may get information by entering the number in the “Reverse Phone Number Lookup” area that is located on the main page and then pressing the “Enter” button.

User-submitted websites such as may provide an 800 number in the event that or are unable to provide any information on a person. gives site visitors the opportunity to post comments and contribute phone numbers to the website. People often use the website to report phone numbers that are associated with harassment and frauds. However, you should exercise caution since the information provided by users is not guaranteed to be reliable.

If you want to avoid getting unwanted phone calls from American businesses, you may stop them by adding your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry at On the other hand, criminals and businesses based in countries other than the United States often disregard this list.