How Many Babies Are Born Every Second?

According to data collected in August 2014, there are around 4.5 infants born per second somewhere in the globe. According to the Population Reference Bureau, this equates to 273 newborns being brought into the world every minute. The vast majority of these births take place in less developed nations, where the birth rate is far higher (4.1 births per second).

Each month, around 2,766,000 infants are born into the globe, which brings the total number of newborns to over 12 million every month. The Population Reference Bureau estimates that there are 393,000 newborns welcomed into the world every single day. According to the estimates provided by Infoplease in 2005, this was about the population of the relatively tiny city of Oakland in the state of California. According to the Population Reference Bureau’s estimates, the total number of people in the globe as of August 2014 was 7,238,184,000.