What Age Does the Human Brain Stop Growing?

According to information found on the NPR website, the human brain does not finish maturing until a person is around 25 years old. When a person reaches the age of 18, they have only completed the first half of the process of brain growth and change that starts with puberty.

It is not until the middle of a person’s 20s that the prefrontal cortex, which assists with impulse control and organisation, has reached its full potential in development. It has been hypothesised that adolescents and young adults, because of their incomplete development, are more likely to engage in risky behaviours. Even though the majority of brain development is complete by the time a person is 25 years old, neurological alterations may continue for many years beyond that. According to PsychCentral, several regions of the brain have shown the potential to form new connections far into the normal stages of maturity.