What Are Muslim Veils Called?

The hijab, abaya, niqab, and burqa are the most common types of veils worn by Muslim women. However, there are many other types of Muslim veils depending on the country and the kind of Islam practised. Since the wearing of veils by women is not mandated by the Koran, Muslim women often do so as a matter of personal preference rather than out of any sense of obligation.

The hijab, which is worn more like a head scarf and covers the majority of the face, is one of the most frequent types of veils worn by Muslims. In contrast, the abaya is a kind of cloak that is worn over other clothes and may be found in nations that are part of the Arab world. In contrast to the burqa, which covers a woman’s complete body and has a mesh screen draped over her eyes, the niqab is a full-face veil that may also enclose the eyes. The latter is something that is often seen in Afghanistan.