What Are Some Common Cherokee Words and Phrases?

“o si yo,” which translates to “hello,” “wa do,” which means “thank you,” and “tsi lu gi,” which means “welcome,” are some typical words and phrases used in ordinary greetings. There are six vowels and 17 consonants in the Cherokee language, and words are spelt in Cherokee according to how they are pronounced in the language.

“do hi tsu,” which means “how are you”; “do hi quu,” which means “I am well”; “o s da su na le I which means “good morning”; “o s da su he he ye e,” which means “good evening”; and “o s da su no e,” which means “good night”; “do na da’ go hv I which is used to say

Some Cherokee words for people include “a s ga ya,” which translates to “man”; I ge and I ge ya,” which both mean “woman”; “e do da,” which translates to “father”; “e tsi,” which translates to “mother”; “e do di,” which translates to “grandfather”; “e li si,” which translates to “grandmother”; “si-da-ni-lv,” which In addition, a male is referred to as a “tsu tsa,” whereas a female is referred to as a “a ge yu tsa.”