What Are Some Native American Forms of Transportation?

Walking, riding horses, and travelling in dugout canoes were the primary modes of transport used by Native American tribes. Since horses are not indigenous to North or South America, most indigenous communities did not have access to them until the early 1700s.

When they wanted to reach somewhere on land, Native Americans travelled there on foot. They used dugout boats whenever there was a need to move by water. The trunks of huge trees, most often cottonwood trees, were used to create dugouts. These trunks were “dugout,” or hollowed out, with the use of stone axes and fires that were built with great care. These canoes were cumbersome and required the use of long poles in order to move across the water.

After the Apache tribe started plundering Spanish villages in search of horses in the 1650s, horse ownership became more widespread. Because the Apache exchanged horses with other Native American tribes, the animal eventually became commonplace throughout all of the different indigenous communities in North America.