What Are Some Objects That Start With the Letter “z”?

The terms “zipper,” “zither,” and “zeppelin” are examples of things that begin with this letter. The zeppelin was a form of rigid airship that was used in the early part of the 20th century. A zither is a stringed instrument. In spite of the fact that these are things that begin with the letter “z,” there are a great many more terms that include this letter.

Some more examples include zebra, zinnias, zodiac, zero, zucchini, zenith and zygote. The letter “z” comes at the very end of the alphabet in the English language. An intriguing detail about this letter is that it was promoted to the position of being the last letter in the Roman alphabet in the first century B.C. This was essential due to the fact that Roman vocabulary often included terms borrowed from Greek that had the “zeta” sound. The letter zeta may be found in the Greek alphabet.