What Did the Puritans Do for Fun?

Puritans found entertainment in activities like as drinking wine and beer, attending festivals, and rejoicing with games and music. Puritans were not doom and gloom believers; rather, they adhered to the basic premise that God’s law should take precedence over all other laws and regulations.

In spite of the fact that Puritan life was regimented and difficult, there were still chances to enjoy oneself. Children were permitted to sing and play games so long as they had permission from their parents. Celebrations of God’s gifts often included opportunities for mingling and having a good time with others.

Puritan attire came in a wide variety of hues, contrary to the common perception that Puritans exclusively wore sombre, dark colours and that their clothing was monochromatic. The Puritans gave their garments a cheerier and brighter appearance by dying it with vegetable matter.

A second kind of entertainment for Puritans was the modest drinking of alcoholic beverages. Inns and taverns were significant parts of Puritan culture, particularly for the male members of the community. Puritan households were known for their love of music and dance, and they actively pushed their daughters to read, especially the Bible.

The Puritan viewpoint on having sexual relations before to marriage was reportedly far more tolerant than the majority of people now believe it to have been. Before marriage, having sexual encounters was considered a normal and acceptable source of enjoyment, especially for men. Some young women even conceived children on purpose so that they could persuade their family to give them permission to be married.