What Is the Euro Equivalent of a Penny?

There are coins worth one cent each that may be purchased throughout Europe. These coins are comparable to the penny in the United States. These coins have the lowest face value of any coin that is now recognised as legal money in the European Union since they were issued more recently.

The one cent coin is the lightest of all the Euro coins in circulation in 2014, weighing just 2.3 grammes, compared to the other Euro coins’ total weight of 3.6 grammes. In contrast, the coin that represents two euros weighs more than three times as much, coming in at 8.5 grammes.

One of the sides of the euro coin worth one cent has a distinctive design on each of the nations that make up the European Union. For example, on Irish coins there is a picture of a harp, while on Greek coins there is an image of an old fleet. Both of these images represent the countries that originally issued the coins.