What Is the Holy Book of Islam Called?

The Quran is considered to be the most sacred text in Islam. Muslims believe that the Quran was given to the prophet Muhammad by the angel Gabriel in a series of revelations that spanned a period of 23 years. They also believe that the Quran was divinely inspired.

The 114 chapters that make up the Quran were originally written in ancient Arabic. A verse is known as a “ayah,” while a chapter is referred to as a “sura.” This holy book was organised not in chronological order but rather by the number of verses in each surah.

It is believed that following the teachings of the Quran would lead to a life that is in harmony with Allah, the Creator. It includes tales that talk about the creation of the world and humans and overlaps with stories from the Hebrew Old Testament and the Christian New Testament. These stories speak about the beginning of the world and mankind. The Quran enlightens Muslims with the attributes of God. In addition to this, it recognises the ties that exist between Jews, Christians, and Muslims by retelling tales about biblical characters such as Adam, Abraham, and Jesus and paying tribute to them.