What Is the Prayer to the Patron Saint of Cancer Patients?

The Catholic church recognises Saint Peregrine as the patron saint of persons who are afflicted with cancer as well as those who are afflicted with other terrible or incurable diseases. In one of the prayers that the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement have written to him, they say, “Saint Peregrine, we firmly come to you in times of pain and sickness, we beg for your mighty intercession before our God in Heaven, to guard us from all malignant diseases and illnesses.”

In the form of novenas or devotions, worshipers may present Saint Peregrine with a variety of various petitions to ask for his intercession. In prayers, people often ask for healing, for the fortitude to bear sickness, and for indications of God’s love. The faithful look to the saint as an example of how to have Christian faith and confidence in God even when they are sick.

In both the Saint Peregrine Shrine at the Grotto in Portland, Oregon and the National Shrine of Saint Peregrine in Chicago, Illinois, believers have the opportunity to make petitions to be prayed for and to take part in a special mass that is held in their honour at either location.

Saint Peregrine Laziosi was a priest who helped the needy and the ill. He was born in Italy around 1260 and received his priesthood there. It is said that he was healed of a malignant illness that was present in his left leg after seeing a vision of Jesus reaching out to touch the limb the night before he was scheduled to have the leg medically removed. The vision took place on the evening before the surgery.