What Was the Climax in “The Lightning Thief” by Rick Riordan?

The turning point in Rick Riordan’s novel “The Lightning Thief” occurs when Percy Jackson’s best friend Luke betrays him and admits to conspiring with Kronos to topple the Olympians. This event serves as the novel’s climax. Percy suffers a lethal scorpion sting but is rescued and nursed back to health by his friends.

Percy Jackson is a typical seventh student who struggles with dyslexia and is never accepted by his peers. His life is turned upside down when he discovers that Poseidon is his father and when he receives an invitation to join Camp Half-Blood, a school that is reserved for the children that the Olympic gods have fathered.

Percy must acquire the qualities of a hero while he is still a student. It is decided that he, together with his pals Annabeth and Grover, each of whom is the child of an Olympian, will go on a quest to locate Zeus’s master bolt so that they may put an end to a conflict that is developing between Zeus and Poseidon. Their exploits lead them to the Underworld, where they engage in combat with Medusa and face off against Ares, the god of war. The three half-bloods don’t find out that Ares took the master bolt and the sign of Hades, the helm of darkness, until after they had successfully escaped from the Underworld. Ares’s goal was to start a war between Zeus and Poseidon using these items.

Ares is defeated by Percy and his comrades, who successfully retrieve the master bolt and the helm of darkness. Kronos is the thief, according to Percy, who has informed both his father and Zeus of this belief. Percy goes back to Camp Half-Blood in order to continue the school year, but none of the gods believes him. At this point, Luke has betrayed him, and at the conclusion of the school year, he makes the decision to spend the summer vacation with his mother.