Where Are Amazon Fulfillment Centers in the UK?

The following cities in the United Kingdom host Amazon fulfilment facilities as of October 2015: Dunfermline, Gourock, Doncaster, Rugeley, Swansea, Peterborough, Milton Keynes, and Hemel Hempstead. In addition, Amazon has a customer care centre located in Edinburgh as well as a corporate office located in Slough.

According to Amazon Operations, there are a total of 25 fulfilment facilities located in several countries around Europe. In order to fulfil orders, fulfilment centres must first get items from their respective suppliers and then send those things to end users. Amazon fulfilment centre workers are responsible for a wide array of tasks, including the selecting and packaging of items as well as the management of other Amazon fulfilment centre workers. The total number of employees varies in size depending on the location, the demand from customers, and the season of the year.