Which Animals Are Predators of Owls?

There are a number of species of owls that are apex predators, which means that healthy adults do not have any natural enemies in the wild. Certain species, like the burrowing owl, are vulnerable to being eaten by predators like hawks, badgers, and foxes. There are no predators in the wild that target adult great horned owls.

Large eyes, squarish features, and facial discs are the defining characteristics of owls. It is possible to manipulate the feathers that surround each disc in order to channel sound into the owl’s ear chambers. The eyes of the owl have evolved to a point where they can function well even in dim light. The majority of owl species are nocturnal and use stealth to surprise their prey and then catch it. The owl’s formidable claws and pointed beak both contribute to the bird’s ability to capture its prey, which consists mostly of small rodents and insects.