Why Do Rastafarians Have Dreadlocks?

Rastafarians tie their hair in dreadlocks because, according to their faith, dreadlocks represent the mane of the Lion of Judah as well as the Rastafarians’ personal opposition against the concept of Babylon. Babylon is a name that Rastafarians use to refer to the world, which they regard as being afflicted by tyranny, capitalism, and materialism. Babylon is a term that has been used for centuries. Rastafarians began growing their hair into dreadlocks during the time of the Rastafari movements so that they could differentiate their hair from the smooth straight hair of people who they believed to be their oppressors.

Rastafarians believe that the process of cultivating dreadlocks is both a lesson in patience and a spiritual journey. The majority of Rastafarians do, in fact, tie their hair into dreadlocks because they believe that doing so demonstrates their devotion to the faith. However, not all members of the Rastafarian faith wear dreadlocks, and doing so is not a precondition for joining the religion.

Because of their unusual hairdo, Rastafarians are sometimes frequently referred to as “Dreads,” “Locksmen,” or “Dreadlocks.” This is because their hairstyle serves as such a potent representation of their faith to the general public. A believer’s eyes may be opened to the truth via the use of marijuana, “Jah” is the correct name for God, and Rastafarians do not drink alcohol. These are some of the other core beliefs of the Rastafari religion. In addition, Rastifari imparts the knowledge that one is reborn in subsequent lives following one’s death. During the 1970s, Rastafari had a surge in popularity and expanded its reach around the world, partly as a result of Bob Marley’s life and musical legacy.