Why Is It Important to Obey the Law?

Law is a critical structure that, according to The Judicial Learning Center, enables human society to work in a way that is as secure, fair, and beneficial for as many people as feasible. Not only is it good to society as a whole to obey the law, but it also enables individuals to enjoy the safeguards that come with living in an environment that is orderly.

The Judicial Learning Center argues that the rule of law is intended to serve as a unifying force for members of a society while also acting as a shield for the individual and collective rights of those individuals. Laws prohibit leaders from corrupting their followers and guarantee that neighbours treat one another in a fair manner. Laws also ensure that neighbours do not steal from one another. The individual’s right to his or her own property and assets would be unprotected in the absence of the rule of law since there would be no structured means to do so.

According to research conducted by Fordham University, law and order can be traced all the way back to the ancient Babylonian codex known as the Code of Hammurabi. This codex linked some fundamental rules to a command from the gods. Since then, people’s perspectives on the law have changed, and they now see it as a fundamental human right that protects and upholds the dignity of the people who are part of any group that it governs. When people disobey the law, they are exiled from society until such time as they are able to repay the debt they have incurred by breaking the fundamental norms of society.