Can I Use a Brad Nailer to Install Fence Boards?


The use of pneumatic nailers can hasten the completion of many construction projects; however, it is critical to select the appropriate-sized nailer for the task at hand. According to Best of Machinery, brad nailers are appropriate for use on cabinets and interior trim; but, the fasteners that brad nailers shoot are too small and short to securely hold external fence boards, which have a propensity to shift and distort over time.

The Usefulness of Brads

Even more slender than a finish nail, which is normally produced from wire with a gauge ranging from 14 to 16, a brad is often constructed from wire with a gauge of 18. According to the findings of Nailer Guy, brads are helpful in the woodworking shop because they are able to keep together thin and delicate pieces of wood while simultaneously reducing the risk of splitting. When it comes to external carpentry projects such as creating a fence, for example, you need fasteners that are more robust than brads or even finish nails.

Fence Boards Need Larger Fasteners

The strains placed on a fence board demand the holding strength of at least an 8d nail, and a roofing or framing nailer is required to drive nails of this size. Because the heads prevent the boards from pulling away from the rails, the nails that you use should have heads rather than being virtually straight, like brads. This is because brads have no heads.