Can You Recycle Paper Towels?


Paper towels provide a challenge since the fibres from which they are constructed are not recyclable, while the majority of paper goods can and should be recycled. Finding out how to properly dispose of them will save a significant amount of garbage from going to landfills and will promote the adoption of more environmentally friendly methods such as composting, reusing, and recycling.

How it Works

Towels made of paper cannot be recycled in the same way that other items made of paper can. In most cases, they are already manufactured up of recycled paper goods, and when the paper products are reused, the fibres get shorter and shorter. Because paper towels are used to wipe up spills, recycling them would also raise worries about the spread of disease and the wasting of food.


Although most recycling facilities are unable to accept paper towels for recycling, they may be composted and used to make mulch if they are in good condition. Putting together a compost heap and keeping it maintained might be a time-consuming operation, but doing so will result in inexpensive and high-quality mulch that can be used in gardens. Compost heaps may benefit from the addition of paper towels due to their rapid decomposition and composition of recycled fibres.


The vast majority of people toss away paper towels after just one usage, despite the fact that they are constructed to be durable enough for several use. Keep a towel for future usage if it is not entirely soaked or soiled even if it seems to be. It should then be wrung out under running water, squeezed to remove excess water, and hung up to dry using a clothespin. Towels that are exclusively used for dry cleanups may be preserved and reused several times without needing to be washed in between uses.

Waste Disposal

Because paper towels can decompose in the area in which they are found, some firms that dispose of garbage may take them as part of yard debris. This technique of getting rid of garbage is used by Waste Management, Inc., which is the most successful waste management firm in the nation. Paper towels should be saved and disposed of together with grass clippings and other yard debris if this option is offered by your local garbage disposal provider. Check with them to see if they provide this option.


Composting or reusing paper towels helps reduce the amount of garbage that ends up in landfills, where the paper towels may not decompose. Composting is an inexpensive and healthy method to bring life to a yard or garden, while reusing them saves money and promotes activities that are good for the environment. Paper towels already include recycled fibres; thus, finding additional methods to recycle and reuse them would help reduce the amount of trash created by households while also completing the cycle of an ecologically beneficial product.