Copper Wire Cutting Tools


Cutting copper wire may be a tedious and time-consuming task. Cutters must be sized appropriately for the gauge of copper being worked. Every kind of knife, from a pocket knife to a bolt cutter, has a specific purpose. If you are aware of the many kinds of tools that are accessible, you will be better able to choose the tool that is most appropriate for the task at hand.

Tools for Cutting Small Gauge Copper Wire

Pliers for stripping wires are useful for working with wires ranging from tiny to medium in diameter. They are equipped with a number of different gauges of stripping holes along the blade as well as a solid cutting surface at the very tip. Crimpers are included into several of them as well.

There are a few tasks that lend themselves well to the use of a pocket knife. When using a knife to strip wire, use extreme caution. It is common practise to cut deeper than necessary, which causes damage to the wire.

The cutting edge of the blade of needle nose pliers and other types of home pliers is normally situated in the joint of the pliers, behind the portion of the blade that serves as the grip. These are quite similar to diagonal cutters and, provided that they are sharp, they perform very effectively.

Tools for Cutting Medium Gauge Copper Wire

Copper wire that is heavier, like the kind that is used for home wiring, needs a little bit more effort to cut through. Make sure you have a cutter that has beautiful handles that are made of strong quality material.

Traditionally, linesmen pliers with blunt noses are the tools of choice for cutting fence wire. Copper wire of up to a quarter of an inch in thickness may be cut with a decent heavy pair.

Cutting through many pairs of wire is the primary use of coax cable cutters. These cutters include a curved blade that makes them suitable for cutting insulated cables as well as tiny braided wire.

Cutters with diagonal blades are superior when it comes to cutting in confined spaces. They have handles that are shaped like scissors and cutting blades that are similar to snips that start at the very tip of the pliers.

Tools for Cutting Large Gauge Copper Wire

When working with large copper wire and cable, meticulous cutting is required in order to get a flat end. When attempting to cut through it using pliers and cutters that are too tiny to do so efficiently, you might end up doing more damage than good.

Bolt cutters perform well on wire with a big gauge, but it is not advisable to use them on twisted or braided cable.

Cutters designed specifically for wire rope, on the other hand, are only useful for cutting twisted and braided cable. A smooth, crisp cut is achieved as a result of the blades cutting through the cable without distributing the individual strands.

When time is of the essence, a hacksaw might come in handy. Because it has a propensity to cause the individual strands of cable to become more widely separated, it should only be used in situations in which the wire can be held firmly in a vice or clamped down.