DIY Salt Lamp


Bowl of your choosing (optional)


Kit for assembling lamp cords!!-!! a light bulb ranging from 7 to 15 watts

A satchel of coarse rock salt

If you so want, you may substitute rock salt crystals with salt with larger crystals, such as those made from the Himalayan mountain range.


A low-watt light bulb is used to illuminate salt crystals in order to make the lights that are known as salt lamps. Any space may be made more soothing with the addition of these light fixtures, which may also help remove irritants and allergies from the air. Salt lamps may be found in a wide range of sizes and designs at retail shops as well as on the internet. You can also make them at home in a way that is simple and won’t cost you a lot of money by choosing a bowl, placing a lamp kit inside of it, and then filling the bowl with salt crystals.

Pick out a bowl to use as the base for your salt lamp. Sturdy alternatives include glass and metal.

  1. Drill a hole in the side of the bowl that is big enough to accommodate the lamp chord, and then thread the cord through the hole.

  2. After inserting the piece of the lamp cable that contains the light bulb socket into the bowl, thread the cord through the hole in the side of the bowl.

  3. Put the light bulb into the socket by turning it counterclockwise. Because of the potential for overheating, it is recommended that you use light bulbs with a low power, such as seven to fifteen watts.

  4. Before you add the salt, check sure the light bulb is functioning correctly by first plugging in the lamp cable.

  5. Pour the rock salt into the bowl in a slow and careful motion until the bowl is entirely filled and the light bulb has been thoroughly coated.

  6. The salt light should be turned on. If the light is not shining through the salt as intended, remove a little portion of the salt or use a bulb with a slightly greater wattage.

  7. Turn on the salt lamp. Remove a small amount of salt or choose a bulb with a slightly higher wattage if the light does not shine through the salt as desired.