Homemade Chili Powder Sprays as Insecticide


Sprays manufactured from chilli powder may be used to protect plants from a variety of insects and other pests that could be devouring the garden. The spray made from chilli powder won’t eliminate all insects, but it will keep away the majority of insects and other pests that feed on garden plants. Because it might give the food an aftertaste similar to chilli powder, it should not be sprayed directly on fruits, vegetables, or herbs that are intended for consumption. Keep the spray restricted to the leaves that won’t be eaten.


Insects avoid plants that have a pungent smell or flavour for the most part. Capsaicin, the component in chilli powder responsible for its fiery flavour, has a taste that pests find repulsive. Insects may be discouraged from feeding on plants by using a chilli powder spray on the plants themselves or the soil surrounding the plants. When working with chilli powder spray, it is suggested that you protect your skin by using gloves. Chili powder may be irritating to the skin. Particularly when the wind is blowing, precautions need to be taken so that the spray does not go into the eyes or on any exposed skin.


Mix together one and a half teaspoons of chilli powder and one litre of water to make a basic chilli pepper spray. Put two drops of liquid dish soap in the spray bottle to help it stick to surfaces better. Since the skin of certain plants is similar to human skin in that it may be irritated or burnt by chilli powder sprays, it is important to test the spray first on one or two leaves. Keep an eye out for any kind of response over the course of several days after applying the spray to the test leaves. Do not apply chilli spray to the plant again if the previously sprayed leaves have become wilted, yellow, or seem to have been scorched. Even though it is sprayed to the soil surrounding delicate plants, the spray is nevertheless quite efficient against a wide variety of insects and other garden pests.


Garlic may be used with chilli powder spray to make it far more effective. The whole head of garlic should be chopped and added to one quart of boiling water. The mixture should be allowed to steep for a full day. The garlic pulp may be removed from the mixture by straining it through cheesecloth. Add two drops of liquid dish soap and one teaspoon of chilli powder to the bowl. Because garlic has the ability to ward off not just harmful insects but also useful insects like ladybugs, this spray should not be used in close proximity to places that are inhabited by beneficial insects.


The addition of onion may also make chilli powder spray more effective. Steep one small onion that has been finely chopped or pureed for one hour in water. The onion pulp may be removed from the liquid by straining it through cheesecloth. Add half a teaspoon of liquid dish detergent and one teaspoon of chilli powder to the mixture. Garlic and onion may be added to the chilli powder spray if the infestation is very severe or if the bugs keep coming back.