How to Add Height to a Couch


Persons who have trouble rising from a low surface owing to muscular weakness, injury, age, or handicap may find that increasing the height of a sofa makes this essential piece of furniture more comfortable. This may be the case for older people. It’s possible that a sofa with a higher back might function better in a conversational gathering if you raised it to the same level as the other chairs in the room. Investigate the many methods available for elevating the sofa, and choose the one that offers the greatest fit for your furnishings, interior design, and financial constraints.

Add a Set of Risers

Blocks with a receptacle at the top that are used to hold furniture legs are known as risers. The height of a sofa may be increased by as much as five inches when risers are used below it. Before you go shopping for risers, make sure you measure the width of the sofa legs to confirm that they will fit in the risers. According to Hunker, risers are best used with pricey or antique couches that would lose some of their value if they were changed in any way.

The fact that the risers are visible is the most significant disadvantage of utilising risers to enhance the height of a couch. The risers may be concealed by using a covering that goes all the way to the floor. After the risers have been installed, you should go back and take measurements for the slipcover so that you can be sure to choose one that is long enough to cover the risers.

Screw-on Legs

According to Instructables Living, screw-on legs for sofas are available in a wide variety of shapes and wood finishes. If the bun feet on your sofa are 2 inches tall and you replace them with legs that are 8 inches tall, your sofa will be 6 inches higher after the replacement. Legs for furniture are sold by retailers that specialise in hardware as well as select retailers who offer furniture. The appearance of the sofa will not be altered greatly as a result of using this approach. Before going shopping, putting the couch on its back to inspect its legs requires assistance since not all sofas have legs that screw into the frame.

Another alternative is to finish the bottom of each leg with a decorative ball or bun. This may be done in one of two ways. These are more about adding a stylish touch to the item you have, but they will raise the seating height of the sofa by an inch or two.

Replace the Seat Cushions

It is possible to increase the height of the sitting area by replacing the seat cushions with ones that are taller, but this will depend on the model of sofa you have. There are certain sofas that do not have seat cushions that can be replaced. If yours does, there are businesses that offer foam specifically designed for constructing seat cushions as well as internet suppliers that sell foam. Certain manufacturers of foam and pillows also produce bespoke cushions. Putting a slipcover over the sofa might give it a new appearance if you are unable to locate an upholstery piece that is a match for it and the existing coverings are unable to handle the additional cushion height.

Add More Cushions

Even if the sofa doesn’t have sitting cushions that can be changed, you may give it height by adding cushions to it. This works even if the couch already has seating cushions. You may be able to get new cushions for your modern sofa if it includes seat cushions that can be removed and if it is a model that is currently in production. Place them on top of the existing cushions to provide additional height without significantly altering the appearance of the sofa.

You may also take measurements of the length of the seat between the arms and the depth of the seat from the back to the front edge, and then purchase a block of high-density foam that is cut to those dimensions. The foam should be cushioned by covering it in cotton batting, and the cover should be made from upholstery fabric that is coordinated with the sofa. A material that does not slide between the cushions is helpful in maintaining their position.