How to Arrange Pillows on a Twin Bed for the Daybed Sofa Look


The versatility of a space may be increased when a twin bed is converted into a daybed couch. The addition of a few large cushions to a daybed may completely change its appearance, giving it the appearance of a couch instead of a bed. In the daytime, it can function as a pleasant sitting area when the pillows are positioned to form the setup for a twin bed; in the evening, it may function as a comfy additional bed if the pillows are removed or rearranged. This arrangement is also useful for creating a comfortable space in a baby’s room for feeding and sleeping.

When it is time to remove the pillows from your daybed so that you may sleep, the Family Handyman suggests having a convenient storage location for them either below the bed or beside the bed. This is true regardless of the kind of pillows you choose to use for your daybed.

Make a Double Row

There is not much space available for decorative pillows when a twin bed is placed against a wall with its head. According to Ballard Designs, however, if you want your bed to have the appearance of a daybed, you should place it lengthwise against a wall. This offers you much more creative leeway for arranging various kinds of cushions.

The back of the couch may be created by placing two rows of square or rectangular cushions along the side of the twin bed that is against the wall. The sitting area provides back support and comfort thanks to the combination of firm cushions for the rear row and softer cushions for the front row. Because of the double row, the twin bed can now accommodate more people when used as a daybed couch due to the reduction in its overall width. You might use solid cushions for the back row and print cushions for the front row, or you could arrange various colours that complement different characteristics in the space. This would depend on the d├ęcor that you have chosen to utilise.

Use Versatile Bolsters

An appealing backrest may be created by placing a long bolster down the length of a twin bed and positioning it against the wall. Your daybed sofa’s clean lines are finished off perfectly with the addition of two small bolsters that can match or complement with one another. The bolster armrests are secured to the twin bed by hook-and-loop fasteners that are sewed to both the bolsters and the fabric cover for the twin bed.

Hook-and-loop fastener strips may be purchased from sellers of fabric by the foot. The bed may be disguised as a daybed couch by using a fabric cover such as canvas or a blanket that covers the bed all the way to the floor. This gives the daybed sofa a more polished appearance.

Arranging Large Pillows for Daybeds

A row of Euro pillows placed over the back of the daybed provides support and also gives the appearance of a high-back couch. This provides additional comfort for sitting on the daybed to read or use a laptop. Euro pillows are often used as backrests in beds behind the bed pillows. These enormous pillows are called euro pillows.

If you want to construct a backrest along the long edge of the twin bed that is against the wall, you may need four or more pillows. The number of pillows you need depends on the size of the pillows as well as the length of the twin bed (standard or extra-long). The aesthetic of the daybed is finished off by placing three to five accent pillows in front of the larger cushions.

A body pillow, which is an extra-long pillow, may be used in place of various accent pillows to create a continuous effect. This is done by placing the body pillow in front of other, taller pillows.

Bed Pillows for Daybed Couches

The appearance of a bolster may be achieved by using king-size bed pillows for daybed sofas and then tucking cloth over the centre of the pillows to both beautify them and disguise the gap that is created where the pillows meet. Because you leave the pillows on the bed when you’re not using them, this pillow arrangement is practical for situations in which there is a shortage of storage space.

When pillows are used as a backrest, a set of shams designed for daily usage keeps the pillows clean and prevents them from being soiled or covered with pet hair. The addition of three decorative pillows in front of the bed pillows makes it more comfortable to use the bed in place of a couch.