How to Attach Round Rings on a Curtain


When a curtain ring is attached to a curtain rod, it is positioned such that it is perpendicular to the curtain rod. In order to hang a curtain from the ring, you need to have a method for connecting the ring to the curtain in such a manner that the right side of the curtain hangs parallel to the rod. In the event that your rings do not come equipped with connected curtain clips or an eyelet screw that can accommodate a drapery pin, you will need to attach something to the ring in order to be able to attach it to the curtain. Creating an attachment for the rings can be done with little more than a trip to the local hardware shop.

  1. 1. Mark the Top Edge

    Make a series of markings along the top edge of the curtain panel’s wrong side. Each mark should be about 6 inches apart and should be spaced uniformly throughout the top edge. These are the markers that indicate the position of the ring.

  2. 2. Purchase the Zip Ties

    Buy one tiny zip tie, which is also known as a cable tie, for each ring location mark in addition to one for each edge of the outside of the ring. Purchase the slimmest possible zip tie you can find. Large-format home improvement retailers sell ties with a width of 1/8 inch.

  3. 3. Insert the Pointed End

    Put the pointed end of the tie through the inside of the ring, and then into the catch that’s on the tie. In order to create a zip-tie ring that is connected to the curtain ring, the website Home Hacks suggests that you bring the tie up to within 1/4 inch of the bottom of the ring and cut off the extra tie. This will result in the creation of a zip-tie ring.

  4. 4. Lay the Curtain Flat

    The website Tip Hero recommends that you hang the curtain in a horizontal position. Place the border of the top piece so that the imperfect side is facing away from you. Place one ring on each of the position marks for rings. Place the ring of the zip tie so that it overlaps beyond the edge of the curtain. If the tie rings have a diameter of a quarter of an inch, overlap them by a quarter of an inch; this will allow the top border of the curtain to hide the zip ring when the curtain is hung.

  5. 5. Thread the Needle

    Prepare a double thread that is 36 inches long by threading a needle with standard thread and drawing it up. Tie a knot on both ends.

  6. 6. Sew On the Zip Ring

    Put the needle through the zip ring while keeping it somewhat near to the ring’s inner edge. Do this by starting on the wrong side of the curtain and working your way to the right. Only the lower part of the zip ring should be worked on at this point. Move the needle so that it enters from the incorrect side and exits on the outer edge of the ring at the location where the stitch was started. Pass the needle back to the wrong side of the curtain so that it is tight up to the final stitch, and then pass it back to the right side of the drape so that it is precisely next to the previous stitch.

    Carry on sewing until the lower portion of the zip ring is completely encircled by stitches. Repeat the process with the rest of the zip rings.

  7. 7. Attach the Curtain to the Rod

    In order to bring the project to a successful conclusion, thread the curtain rod through the rings.

    Things You Will Need

    • Curtain rings

    • Tape measure

    • Fabric marking pencil

    • 1/8-inch zip ties

    • Scissors

    • Hand-sewing needle

    • Thread


    An alternative to the zip tie is to use robust cord. It should be wound twice around the ring, and then the ends should be secured with a knot that won’t slide. Remove the extra cord, then put a little amount of glue to the knot using a fabric adhesive that dries clear. This will keep the knot from coming undone.


    Do not use metal rings with open ends, such as jewellery jump rings, since the weight of the curtain might cause the rings to open, resulting in the curtains falling down.