How to Change the Oil Filter on the Hustler Zero Turn Mower


During use of your Hustler zero turn mower, ensuring that the engine receives sufficient amounts of clean oil by routinely changing the oil and oil filter will keep the engine well lubricated. When oil is too old, it starts to break down and becomes polluted with particles of dirt. If you own a Hustler zero turn with a Kawasaki engine, you should replace the oil after the first eight hours of operation and then again after every 100 hours of use after that. After every 200 hours of usage, you should replace the oil filter.

  1. To start the engine warming up, make sure the zero turn is on. Because of this, the oil will be able to drain more easily. Lowe’s tells customers to turn off the zero turn, take the key from the ignition, and disconnect the spark plug on the vehicle’s engine. While you are changing the oil and filter, the lawnmower won’t start up by mistake because of this safety measure.

  2. While you are draining the oil, you should remove the dipstick from the oil fill tube so that air may escape. Position the oil drain pan so that it is next to the engine. According to the recommendations of Supreme Services Lawn Care, connect the oil drain hose to the nipple of the oil drain valve. You may collect the oil by placing the other end of the hose in the drain pan for the oil.

  3. To open the drain valve, you may use a socket wrench and spin it in the opposite direction of the clock. When this happens, the engine’s oil will start to leak out. Once the oil has ceased leaking out, the valve should be closed. Taking the oil drain hose off of the valve nipple is the first step.

  4. Put the oil drain pan behind the oil filter to collect any excess oil. Utilizing the oil filter wrench, take out the oil filter by twisting it in the opposite direction of the clock. The new oil filter should have a very little quantity of oil applied on the seal. Replace the oil filter with a new one and then tighten it by hand.

  5. To fill the oil reservoir, insert the oil funnel into the oil fill tube. To lubricate the engine, use an SAE 10W-30 grade of oil. The oil capacity of Hustler zero turns powered by Kawasaki engines is generally 2.1 quarts. Using the dipstick, determine when the oil has reached the “Full” mark by continuing to measure it. Take out the funnel, then put the dipstick back in its place. Shop towels should be used to clean up any oil that has been spilt.

  6. After reconnecting the spark plug, crank the engine over to zero to look for any signs of oil leaking. If the oil level falls below the “Full” indication, you need to add more oil to the machine. To ensure that your engine has the appropriate quantity of oil at all times, you should check the oil level both before and after each operation.

    Things You Will Need

    • Oil drain pan

    • Oil drain hose

    • Socket wrench

    • Oil filter

    • Oil filter wrench

    • Oil funnel

    • 3 quarts SAE 10W-30 oil

    • Shop towels


    Before attempting to replace the oil filter, you should wait until the engine has cooled down for a few minutes. It may be dangerous to touch the metal components of the engine.


    Do not throw away used oil in the trash or dispose of it outside on the ground. Bring it to a recycling facility or an auto repair shop where they will recycle it for you if you don’t feel like doing it yourself.