How to Clean Copper Kettles


Soft sponge

Soap for the dishes!!-!! The bottle brush!!-!!!!-!! Embraceable fabrics

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According to the website, copper cookware should never be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Because of its natural, polished beauty as well as its ability to distribute heat, copper is a favourite metal for kettles. Dust and water vapour may gather on the kettle, giving the appearance of filth and dulling the shine, despite the fact that kettles very seldom come into touch with food or other substances that might potentially contaminate them. It is not difficult to clean copper kettles; however, additional measures are required if the kettle has lost its brilliance or is starting to tarnish.

Put the copper kettle in the sink that is in your kitchen. Sponge a clean kitchen sponge with warm water, then add a few drops of dish soap and scrub the sponge well.


Applying this to the surface of the kettle and then gently scrubbing it will remove any dust or oils that may be present on the surface. If the lid of the kettle is detachable, take it off before giving the inside of the kettle a good scrubbing as well. In the event that the kettle does not have a lid, you may clean the inside by inserting a bottle brush via the spout. !!-!! Clean the tea kettle well by rinsing it with warm water. Applying gentle pressure with a towel, fully dry it.

If required, remove any tarnish and restore the sheen to the kettle by using a copper polish, either one purchased from a store or one that you make yourself. Make your own at home by following this recipe, which was provided by the Michigan State University Extension service: Combine white flour, salt, and vinegar in a bowl, using equal portions of each ingredient. Create a paste by combining these ingredients using a spoon. You generally won’t need more than 1 tablespoon of each ingredient for a kettle of a standard size.

  1. On a clean, soft cloth, spread one teaspoon of either store-bought polish or homemade polish. To clean the outside of the copper kettle, rub this all over it in a circular motion. After the polish has been removed, give the kettle a thorough drying with a cloth.

  2. Lather this over the kettle, scrubbing it gently to remove dust and oils from the kettle’s surface. If the kettle has a removable lid, remove the lid and scrub the inside of the kettle as well. If the kettle does not have a lid, stick a bottle brush through the spout to clean the interior.

  3. Rinse the kettle well with warm water. Dry it thoroughly with a soft towel.

  4. Use a commercial copper polish, or create your own, to remove tarnish and bring back the kettle’s shine, if necessary. To make your own at home, use the formula suggested by Michigan State University Extension: In a bowl, mix equal parts vinegar, salt and white flour. Mix this with a spoon to form a paste. For a regular-sized kettle, you’ll probably only need 1 tbsp. of each.

  5. Place 1 tsp. of commercial polish or the homemade polish on a soft cloth. Gently rub this over the copper kettle’s exterior to polish it. Rinse off the polish and then dry the kettle well with a towel.