How to Control or Kill Weeds by Mowing


Yards that are not adequately maintained can see their weed problems spiral out of control. Maintaining a healthy and robust stand of grass is essential if you want to forestall the spread of weeds. Mowing your lawn on a regular basis is one strategy you may use to reduce the number of weeds in your yard. When it comes to your mowing schedule, sticking to a plan can help you get rid of the weeds and get the beautiful lawn you’ve always desired.

  1. Adjust the height of the blades on your lawn mower to the appropriate level. This is something that is very dependent on the sort of grass that is being grown. When grass is trimmed too short, it not only makes it easier for weed seeds to get into the soil, but it also exposes those seeds to the sunshine. Determine the optimal range of height for your lawn, then adjust the blades so that they cut at the tallest level possible within that range.

  2. It is important to mow the grass once a week in order to maintain a healthy lawn and to eliminate any weeds that may have appeared. The density of the grass that has been maintained means that it casts a shade over the soil, preventing weeds from growing and preventing their seeds from getting near enough to the earth to germinate.

  3. If you have a lawn that is overrun with weeds, you should bag the grass blades that are chopped so that the lawn mower does not spread any weed seeds over the grass. After many rounds of cutting, the weeds will ultimately cease growing, at which point you may let the grass clippings to be dispersed from the lawn mower. This will return the nutrients from the clippings to the soil, which will in turn nourish the lawn.


    Timing is of the utmost importance. If you see that weeds are beginning to grow on your grass, you may want to give it a pass with the lawn mower even if it doesn’t need it. If the grass blades have not yet developed, the mower will not hurt them, and you will be able to chop the weeds down before they go to seed if they are not yet established.