How to Control the Splash of a Garden Fountain


The crowning glory of an attractive outdoor space is often a bubbling fountain set in a garden that has been meticulously maintained. Your backyard will feel more like a theme park if you put in a fountain in the shape of a geyser that splashes water constantly. Because this naturally occurring focal point helps to establish the mood for the whole yard, it is crucial to keep splashing to a minimum. If you have a fountain that splashes too much, you run the chance of your submersible pump catching fire, which is an expensive error to make. Adjusting the fountain or pump might help you get the desired tone and level of water flow.

  1. Verify the fountain is level. The presence of splashing may suggest that the fountain is slanted or unequal. A level should be placed on the edge of the fountain. Take a look at the level indicator bubble. In an ideal situation, the bubble will be located in the middle of the liquid. If it leans too much to the left or right, you’ll need to readjust the fountain’s level. Take down the fountain and level the dirt that was below it. Remove any obstructions that might cause the fountain to sit in an uneven manner. Adjust the location of the fountain so that the water level is consistent throughout.

  2. Determine how much water is currently in the fountain. According to Serenity Health, fountains that have an insufficient amount of water or an excessive amount of water will splash. Stop the flow of water from the fountain by turning off its power source. Take a look at how high the water is. The water level should be at least halfway up, but it shouldn’t go any higher than 1 and a half inches from the edge of the fountain. First adjust the amount of water in the fountain, then turn it on.

  3. Put a piece of screen at the bottom of the basin that holds the water in the fountain. Splashes may be directed upwards in fountains designed in the form of waterfalls, but the return flow can be controlled by a screen. Put a screen in the middle of the base so that the up-splash won’t happen.

  4. Put an end to the pump running the fountain. Position your hand so that it rests on the side of the pump, and feel around for the control dial there. It could feature a control in the form of a timer handle or a slide wheel. According to Fountain Finder, you can regulate how much water is splashed by adjusting the force of the fountain. First, rotate the wheel, and then activate the pump. Take a gander at the fountain. Keep making little adjustments to the wheel until there is very little splashing.

  5. In order to stop water from spilling out of the fountain, line the base with smooth rocks. The splashing is lessened when water comes into contact with rocks.

    Things You Will Need

    • Level

    • Bucket of water

    • Piece of screen

    • Rocks


    Put in place a splash guard to keep the water from spilling out of your fountain.