How to Cut Bamboo to Root


Bamboo, scientifically known as Bambusa, is classified as a grass despite the common misconception that it is not. The majority of gardeners advise only planting clumping types of bamboo, which continually produce new stocks around the plant’s current root system. Bamboo grows quite fast. Running bamboo is an invasive species that spreads down the ground in a horizontal fashion. Even though there are hundreds of different kinds of bamboo, the most of them may be grown from cuttings. To begin, you will need to pick a young bamboo stock that is in good condition. Then, you will need to chop off a tiny portion of the stock and let it to develop in water until roots emerge from the base of the cut stock. It is possible for a single mature stock to generate many new bamboo plants.

  1. Choose a bamboo stock that is in good condition from a plant that is less than three years old. There is a possibility that older bamboo stocks may continue to develop, although roots from younger plants often results in higher success.

  2. Make a cut in the stock that is ten inches long using a knife that is very sharp. Be certain that the portion you pick has at least two nodes, which are the hard growths that surround the cane, and at least two internodes, which are the green sections that occur between the nodes. It is necessary to make precise horizontal cuts through the stock at an angle of 45 degrees.

  3. To prevent the horizontal incision from decaying, melt roughly three tablespoons of candle wax and then immerse the top of the cut into the melted wax.

  4. As soon as you are done, submerge the other end of the cutting in water that does not contain fluorine. After around two months, the cutting’s base will start to show signs of life in the form of roots.

    Things You Will Need

    • Sharp knife

    • Candle wax


    You should only take cuttings from well-established bamboo plants that are in good condition.


    Bamboo should not be propagated using water from the faucet. Instead, you should drink mineral water that comes in bottles or water from a well that has not been fluoridated.