How to Dam a Creek



Instead of purchasing lumber, inquire at a residential construction site about the availability of scraps. Instead of purchasing lumber, residents of wooded properties should make use of dead trees and tree limbs that have fallen on the property. Make the stack as high and as compact as you want, using the rocks and sand bags as braces. Typically, pieces of lumber do not come in lengths of five feet.

How to Block Off a Stream. A structure known as a dam is one that is used to obstruct the flow of water. An simple method for damming a stream in the backyard is to use rocks and sandbags. Alternate the layers beginning at the point on the stream bed where you wish to create the dam. Stack items as high as is required. One other method of damming a brook with lumber is shown here.

  1. Take some measurements to determine the width of the area in the stream where you want to build the dam. Use the measurement to figure out how many pieces of pressure-treated timber with a width of 2 by 6 inches or 2 by 10 inches you’ll need to construct the bridge across the stream. If you want a stream bed that is five feet wide, you will need to have a piece of timber that is ten feet long split in half to create two boards that are five feet long each. To use as upright posts and bracing, you will need three more boards measuring 2 inches by 4 inches across and 8 feet long. Make a cut through the middle of one of them. You now have four components: two parts that will function as posts, and two pieces that will function as braces.

  2. Employing a sledge hammer, pound the planks measuring 4 feet in length and 2 inches in width down into the stream bed on either side to a depth of 1 foot. They should have sufficient stability to stand up straight. Put an additional board behind each one that is standing so that it may function as a brace. It is recommended that the braces be positioned such that they face in the opposite direction of the water’s flow. Determine the height at which you want the dam to be placed on the watercourse. If you are building a dam that is 3 feet high and using pieces of timber that are 2 inches broad and 6 inches long, divide 6 into 36 inches. That will tell you how many pieces you need to construct the height of the structure. Follow the same procedures if you are working with boards measuring 2 inches by 10 inches (divide 10 into 36).

  3. On each side of the wall that you have constructed, stack sand bags and rocks in a manner that alternates between the two. When you dam the stream, this serves as an additional brace for the dam wall and helps to protect the timber so that it will survive for a longer period of time.

  4. Stack sand bags and rocks in an alternating fashion on either side of the wall you’ve built. This acts as an extra brace for the dam wall and helps to preserve the lumber so it will last longer when you dam the creek.