How to Decorate a Living Room in a Lodge Theme


Living rooms that have a mountain, hunting, or ski lodge motif to them express a homey elegance that is more of a laid-back style. A living room decorated in the manner of a hunting lodge often has earthy tones and accessories made from natural materials to create a welcoming and laid-back ambiance. Your living room will have an atmosphere reminiscent of being in nature and a sense of warmth and cosiness that is characteristic of the rustic design style if you decorate it in a lodge motif.

Hunting Lodge Style Living Room

The colour design for a lodge often consists of earthy tones and other hues found in the great outdoors. They are welcoming, warm, and provide a sense of cosiness. The living room of a traditional lodge will often be decorated in hues such as earthy browns, rich blacks, hunter greens, rustic reds, and burnished golds. The interiors of some ski lodges have accents of vivid colours like white, red, and blue every once in a while.

According to Colorado Design Home Furnishings, animal motifs, such as fish, deer, elk, ducks, and bears, are frequently integrated into a fishing or hunting lodge style. These lodges are also known as “cabins.” Hummingbirds, aspen or evergreen trees, acorns, pine cones, and many beautiful wildflowers are some of the features that are often featured in the design of mountain lodges.

Utilize decorative pillows that are crafted with these motifs and components, and select a cosy patchwork blanket to put over a chair or couch in your living room. A living room decorated in the manner of a hunting lodge looks best when it has elements like a cowhide-patterned animal print rug and lamp bases made from deer antlers.

Choosing Rustic Furniture

The emphasis on cosiness in lodge furnishings is unmistakable. You may sink down and relax thanks to the enormous couches and chairs upholstered in luxurious, buttery leathers. You may rest your weary feet on an ottoman that has been upholstered in a fabric that has a beautiful plaid or pattern on it.

Accent tables that have legs made of polished bronze or black iron and glass on top give a textural element that is both interesting and functional. The lodge’s aesthetic is improved with the addition of rustic or log end tables. If the internal walls of your home are made of exposed planks or logs, it’s best not to fill your living room to the brim with wooden furniture. You may have too much of a good thing.

Utilizing Natural Lighting

One of the most attractive aspects of lodge design is the presence of natural light and unhindered views of the surrounding environment. You may add colour, texture, and a sense of seclusion to your living room by draping floor-length drapes over metal curtain rods and hanging them over the windows. You may control the amount of light that enters the room by using wooden blinds, which provide an alternative to the traditional window treatment of curtains. They may also be lifted to provide for an unobstructed view of the surroundings when raised.

Window tinting is the best option for providing protection from potentially damaging ultraviolet radiation since it does so without impeding the view. They may also give some degree of seclusion, however the amount varies with the tint hue.

Accessorizing With Sporting Items

The process of accessorising your lodge living room is like to applying icing to a cake; it looks and feels far nicer with them than it would without them. You may want to consider hanging skis or snowshoes, canoe paddles, vintage fishing rods, or framed black-and-white images of outdoor sports or scenery on your walls or over a fireplace. The magazine Country Living suggests combining different kinds of materials and textures, such as leather upholstery, hardwood furniture, and wool area rugs.

Lamps, wall sconces, and chandeliers made of sculpted wooden or metal compliment the lodge aesthetic while also providing the required amount of light. Put some candles out so that the room may have a nice, cosy light. Your lodge’s aesthetic may be finished off with the addition of decorative mirrors, clocks, and lamps.