How to Fix a Garage Door That Opens Slowly


To open and shut your garage door automatically, garage door openers make use of a complex mechanism that includes springs, sensors, pulleys, and tracks. These systems perform with very little trouble most of the time; yet, on occasion, you may discover that your garage door opens too slowly. If you haven’t greased the door’s tracks, hinges, and rollers, the door may stick, which will cause the opener to move more slowly. Alternatively, the speed setting on the opener itself may need to be adjusted.

  1. You may get easier access to the mechanism by positioning a stepladder below the opening and climbing up it.

  2. To remove the access panel from the opener, press the tabs located on each side of the panel, and then tilt the panel either up or down.

  3. Make sure the speed of the opener is adjusted correctly. The majority of brand-new garage door openers come from the manufacturer with their lowest setting already selected. This may be altered by hand if necessary. This speed should be adjustable through a screw somewhere on the device. Use a screwdriver with a flat head to crank it up higher if it is currently set at its slowest pace.

  4. After you have finished replacing the access panel, you may come down the ladder.

  5. To get a better reading on the speed, try opening and closing the door. If it is functioning normally, the issue most likely lay in the way the speed was adjusted. It’s possible that the door has to be lubricated if it’s not functioning properly.

  6. Put the door back on the garage. Use a moist cloth to remove oil and dirt buildup that has accumulated on all of the hinges, rollers, and roller pins.

  7. Two drops of penetrating oil should be applied to the seams where the hinges meet. Apply the oil by squeezing it over the seams’ tops and allowing it to flow down into the seams. To access top hinges, you will need to make use of a stepladder.

  8. Two drops of penetrating oil should be applied to the roller pins and the seams of the roller mount brackets. The door contains the roller mount brackets, which are the location of the roller pins.

  9. Move the ladder to the side of the door opposite the track, and then climb it to a height that will allow you to easily access the track.

  10. Beginning about one foot away from the bend in the track, apply six droplets of oil to the surface of the track.

  11. After moving the ladder to the other side of the door, apply six drops of penetrating oil to the opposite track of the door.

  12. To ensure that the oil reaches all of the necessary places, repeatedly opening and closing the garage door is required.

    Things You Will Need

    • Stepladder

    • Flat-head screwdriver

    • Damp cloth

    • Penetrating oil


    On roller tracks made with nylon rollers, penetrating oil should never be used.

    When the door’s speed setting is increased, the opener is required to exert a greater amount of force in order to successfully open and close the door. Adjusting the door’s speed will not fix the problem if the door is imbalanced or stuck; in these cases, the door has to be serviced and adjusted by a trained expert.