How to Fix Underneath the Recliner Adjustment of a La-Z-Boy


Adjusting the tension in a La-Z-Boy recliner is accomplished by removing the cover from the wing nut located below the chair. Adjusting the tension is necessary if you discover that reclining the chair when sitting is either too difficult or too easy for you. Examining the tension adjustment nut for any signs of damage and making necessary repairs is not a very difficult task. If the mechanism that adjusts the height of the chair is faulty, the reclining mechanism of the chair could not operate properly or at all.

  1. Turning the chair upside down will allow you to examine the mechanism that adjusts the tension. On each side of the chair, the tension spring is attached to a wing nut that is either located at the end of a thin metal shaft or threaded into the frame of the chair. The spring may come out of its housing or break if the tension bolt is too loosened or overly tightened. Check the ground under the chair to see if there are any components that are missing.

  2. If the tension spring popped off the shaft, reattach it by sliding it back over the shaft, and then reinstall the wing nut. If you are having trouble understanding how the components are supposed to go together, you might try looking over to the other side of the chair. After you have replaced the spring, you will need to test the mechanism by sitting in the chair. It’s possible that the tension has to be loosened or tightened slightly. Turn the nut clockwise to make it more difficult to move the chair, or turn it counterclockwise to make it easier.

  3. If your La-Z-Boy recliner is from the “Classics” series, you will need to feed the wing nut through the hole in the chair’s frame before you can hook the spring through the loop at the end of the wing nut. If the present spring has broken, you may replace it by purchasing a new one at the hardware shop in your area. When you are completed, put the mechanism through its paces and, if required, make any necessary changes using the steps mentioned above.