How to Get a Real Estate License


Finding a broker to complete the state’s final paperwork and fulfilling the stated minimum number of school hours are two of the prerequisites that are necessary to get a real estate licence in the majority of states. Real estate agents may work for brokers, but more often than not, they are independent contractors who are responsible for the majority of the expenditures associated with client acquisition and marketing. Income is generated on house selling commissions. There is no upper restriction on compensation for forceful sales representatives, despite the fact that real estate salespeople make an average yearly salary of almost $75,000.

Licensing Requirements

Even though getting a real estate licence does not need a college degree, some brokers may prefer that new agents have one. However, getting a real estate licence does not require a college degree. In California, prospective real estate agents must demonstrate that they have completed at least three classes at the college level even though a degree is not required. The minimum number of schooling years necessary varies from state to state.

In California, attendance in a pretesting class for a minimum of 135 hours is required. The course may be taken in a traditional classroom environment, at one’s own home, or even online. You must wait a minimum of 18 days from the day you registered for the programme before you are permitted to finish the hours, despite the fact that you may speed up the process by completing the hours online. The licencing board does this as one of the ways it ensures that individuals are giving the material sufficient time to sink in.

After you have finished all of the criteria for the class, you should apply to take the exam. The Bureau of Real Estate is in charge of administering tests at standardised testing centres. In order to complete the application, applicants are required to submit their fingerprints, complete a background check, and pay any necessary testing costs. In order to become eligible for the role of an agent in California, one must pass the exam with a score of at least 70 percent. You have a total of two years to complete the exam. The cost of the exam is $60, while the cost of the licence is $245.

Independent Contractor

To get the best results, cultivate a connection with a broker while you are going through the testing procedure. This helps you maintain your attention and gets the job done more quickly. It’s possible that the broker may assign you some office work that will assist you solidify what you’ve learned.

Although independent contractors make up the vast majority of real estate agents working under a broker, there are a few instances in which the agent may be an employee of the broker. Pick the circumstance that will help you achieve your objectives the most.

You are responsible for producing leads in your role as an independent contractor. You may do this through networking, buying lead lists, or sitting in on open houses for other agents. You are the one who is responsible for paying for the expenses associated with lead purchasing and networking. Make room in your spending plan for marketing materials and business cards. Expect to operate as a small company owner paired with the broker’s brand, even if the broker may reimburse some of these expenses since the marketing would cobrand the brokerage office. However, the broker may cover some of these costs.

Agent vs. Broker

A real estate broker is simply a real estate agent who has a managerial-level position. It’s common for brokers to possess their own offices, which house teams of agents working under them. Even if it is privately owned, an office has the potential to be branded as a franchise under the umbrella of a national real estate brand.

To become a broker, one must either have completed the necessary real estate classes at the collegiate level or have a degree in a relevant field, such as law, accounting, or economics. Candidates for the position of broker are required to have a minimum of two years of experience in the sales of real estate as well as the completion of five additional education requirements. These requirements are as follows: real estate practise, real estate finance, real estate appraisal, and real estate economics or accounting.

The cost to take the broker’s exam in California is $95, in addition to a $300 price for the licence.