How to Get Blood Stains Out of Carpet


Blood that has just been spilled is often the simplest to clean up, but even dried blood may be cleaned with cold water and dishwashing soap. If the detergent by itself is not sufficient to remove the dark red stain, then you might try using ammonia as a stain remover instead.

Preparing Dried Blood Stains

If the bloodstain has already dried, you may remove part of the dried blood by brushing the carpet with a steel brush. This is only necessary if the bloodstain has already solidified. When using the brush, be cautious not to catch the carpet in its bristles. If you managed to loosen a large quantity of dried blood, you should vacuum it up.

Removing With Dish Detergent

Dish detergent should be used first since it is a mild method for removing blood, regardless of whether the blood is fresh or dried. When cleaning up blood stains on carpet, you should only ever use cold water. To get rid of blood stains, you need to put in a lot of effort and be patient. On the very first attempt, it’s unlikely that all of the blood will come out.

1 tablespoon dish detergent

2 measuring cups of ice water


squeaky clean rags

  1. In a fresh container, mix together the liquid dish detergent and the cold water.

  2. Take the clean cloth and dip it into the solution of soap and water. Apply the cloth to the bloodstain in a careful manner. Use the soapy towel to continue blotting the stain until the blood is released from the fibres.

  3. In between each dab, be sure to rinse the cotton ball. Always have a few pristine towels on hand. When the first cloth gets soiled with blood, switch to another fabric that has not been exposed to blood. If you continue to use the same cloth, the blood will transfer back into the carpet, which will only serve to make the stain more noticeable.


    In order to completely remove the blood stain, you will need to dab at it multiple times. Do not get upset if the blood does not immediately begin to flow out of the wound. Repeat applying the combination of clean water and detergent to the stain with a cotton swab until it is removed. If blood is still dripping onto the cloth from the carpet, you need to keep dabbing at it.

  4. After the bloodstain has been removed, the place should be blotted with clean water and a clean towel. When trying to dry the carpet, use a dry towel to dab it.

Removing With Ammonia

An alternative for removing a bloodstain that won’t go away is to use ammonia. Mix together half a cup of water and one spoonful of ammonia. You should use the same dabbing technique with the clean towel as you did with the dishwashing liquid. After the stain has been removed, finish by rinsing the area with cold water using a clean towel.


Conduct a test with the ammonia treatment on a discrete area of the carpet to verify that it will not discolour the carpet or cause any other harm to it.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Another common home substance that has the potential to assist with blood elimination is hydrogen peroxide. Make sure that the peroxide does not change the colour of the carpet by testing it in a discrete area first. Repeat the process you used to apply the water and detergent to the carpet with the hydrogen peroxide as well.

Using Stain Removers

Carpet cleaners and spot removers that are sold in stores provide still another alternative. Since blood is a protein, cleaning products that are based on enzymes could be effective on blood stains. Saturate the stain with the cleanser or stain remover that you are using. After allowing it to sit there for up to a few minutes, remove the cleanser and blood from the carpet by dabbing it with a clean towel. To remove the cleaner from the carpet, blot the affected region with a towel that has been dampened with clean water.