How to Get Grass Stains Out of Khaki Pants


Bleaching agent added to liquid detergent

Brush for scrubbing


Make an effort to wash the jeans as soon as you notice the discoloration. The sooner you make an effort to get rid of the stain, the more manageable it will be.


If you are seeking to remove a stain from your garment, you should always examine it before putting it in the dryer. It’s possible that the heat from the dryer may set the stain into the fabric. To get rid of the stain, it is important to keep washing the item over and again.

According to the website MrsCleanUSA, grass stains are made up of a combination of protein and other types of organic matter, such as chlorophyll and other pigmented compounds that are relatively stable, such as xanthophylls and carotenoids. Grass stains can be removed by using a mixture of bleach and water. When rubbed together, these substances form a strong bond with the fibres of cotton, making it difficult for many people to remove grass stains from their clothing. Getting rid of annoying grass stains on khaki trousers is possible for everyone who is willing to pre-treat the stain and put in a little bit of effort.

  1. Remove any remaining leftover grass or dirt from the trousers with a brush. Do not work it into the fabric of the jeans. To dispose of the surplus, you need just use your hand to brush it into a wastebasket.

  2. Pouring the appropriate quantity of liquid detergent for your load of laundry straight onto the stain itself will serve as a pretreatment for the stain. On the lid of the majority of laundry detergent bottles is a measurement indicating how much detergent should be poured into the washing machine; this measurement should be about half of the size of the laundry detergent bottle’s lid.

  3. Applying pressure with the scrub brush, work the detergent into the actual stain. Apply some pressure to the scrubbing motion, and keep at it until the stain starts to come out on its own.

  4. Before beginning the washing process, let the pants lay out for ten to fifteen minutes. Wash the jeans in cold water with other like-colored items.

  5. After the cycle is finished, take the trousers from the washer and examine them for mud or grass stains. It is important to refrain from drying the jeans until the grass stain has been fully eliminated. You are able to repeat steps 2–4 as many times as necessary until the stain on the jeans is fully removed.