How to Maintain a Durablend Sofa


Use the attachment for upholstery when you vacuum.

Low-pH, liquid soap

Sponge or a piece of cloth

Items of furniture from the DuraBlend collection, such as chairs, love seats, and sofas, have premium upholstery that is crafted from an innovative combination of natural and man-made fibres. The suppleness of cotton, the resilience of polyurethane, and the slickness of leather are all combined in one uphostery. The one-of-a-kind composition of DuraBlend causes it to have some sensitivities, despite the fact that it is a very durable material. Because of this, the care and cleaning procedures that are recommended by DuraBlend dealers are absolutely necessary in order to preserve the attractive appearance of the item.

  1. Place the couch in an area where it will not be subjected to the direct sunlight for the best results. Sunlight’s ultraviolet rays have the potential to cause colours to fade.

  2. Using a vacuum hose that has an upholstery attachment attached to it, clean the couch of any dirt that may have become loose by cleaning the exterior of the sofa as well as below the cushions. When cleaning the couch, neither water nor chemical cleaners should be used.

  3. When using chemical cleaners, such as window or floor cleaners, on surfaces that are near to the sofa, you should either cover it or relocate it. Stains caused by spatter may be avoided by covering the area or relocating it.

  4. Alternate the positions of the cushions and pillows on a regular basis to avoid wear and tear from accumulating in certain areas.

  5. It is important to prevent printed reading material, such as newspapers and magazines, from coming into extended contact with the upholstery of the couch, since this may cause the inks to bleed and stain the fabric. If any stains do become visible, use a gentle cloth or sponge to dab them with a tiny quantity of soapy water that has been prepared using a liquid detergent with a low pH. To prevent rings from forming, stains should be blotted working from the outside in.

  6. Blot any stains that do occur with a small amount of soapy water made with low-pH, liquid soap using a non-abrasive cloth or sponge. Blot stains from the outside in to avoid rings from occurring.