How to Make an All-Natural Alkaline Cleaner




Can of spray paint

Washing soda


Liquid detergent



Keep your all-natural cleaning in a spray bottle and put it on a shelf, where youngsters won’t be able to access it. It will serve you well for many years!


Take care not to get any of the spray in your face, particularly your eyes.

Commercial cleaners may be able to get the job done, but the harmful compounds that they often include may sometimes leave behind unpleasant remnants. People who reside in areas where these dangerous substances have been utilised end up inhaling them or even unintentionally ingesting them, which exposes them to the toxins. You may get around this problem by not using any commercial cleaners at all and depending only on the natural cleaning products available instead. Here is how to produce an alkaline cleanser using only natural ingredients.

  1. Find a standard spray bottle that has a top that can be screwed on and off and a screw-on cap.

  2. The contents of the spray container should include a half teaspoon of washing soda.

  3. After adding two tablespoons of borax to the liquid already present in the spray container, give it several good shakes.

  4. After adding a half teaspoon of liquid detergent to the existing contents of the container and giving it another good shake, proceed as follows:

  5. In a standard-sized saucepan, bring two cups of water to a boil. The water does not have to be boiling, but it should be at least as hot as the water you would use to make hot beverages like tea or hot chocolate.

  6. The best way to ensure that the water is well mixed with the rest of the cleaner is to empty the whole container of water into the spray bottle. Give the bottle a good shake for as long as it takes until all of your mixture has dissolved into the boiling water.

  7. Spray the soiled areas about every 6 to 9 inches or so, and then wipe them down thoroughly with a cloth as you proceed along. If there is a specific unclean place that is difficult to clean, consider spraying it extensively with your mixture and then leaving it alone for a few minutes before attempting to clean it. After doing so, you should be able to remove the grime with the cloth as it will have been given the opportunity to combat the dirt.