How to Make White Sneakers or Shoes White Again


Cleaning sponges made of melamine foam



Because melamine foam sponges are abrasive, you should avoid rubbing too vigorously in any one area.

There is nothing quite like a brand-new pair of bright white shoes that haven’t even been taken out of the box yet. There is no substitute for that just-out-of-the-store appearance, but unfortunately, it does not last very long. There are a few measures that, when repeated, can ensure that your go-to kicks always have that “just out of the box” appearance.

  1. Place an old towel underneath your white sneakers or other shoes. The chalky or muddy residue that remains on the towel after you’ve finished washing your shoes will be removed when you wash the towel.

  2. Get a melamine cleaning sponge and wet it down with just a little bit of water. Cleaning sponges made of melamine foam are sold under the brand name Magic Eraser, although an equivalent product sold under a different name performs just as well. You may wet it, squeeze any excess water out of it, and then use it to clean your footwear when it’s ready.

  3. Clean your shoes thoroughly, paying special attention to any scuff marks or stains they may have. Depending on the severity of the stains that are on your shoes, you may need to use a good deal of pressure while trying to remove them.

  4. After drying your shoes, give them another cleaning if there are any stains that remain. The sneakers have been restored to their like-new condition, and you may keep the sponge in case you acquire another stain; all you have to do is re-wet it and clean your shoes again.