How to Measure for Cushion Covers


The wear and tear on chair cushions is greater than that of any other component of the chair. When compared to the rest of the chair, the chair cushion often wears out much more quickly than the rest of the chair. This is true whether the chair cushion is tucked into an armchair or is used to soften the harsh, wooden surface of a dining or kitchen chair. Once you have determined how much fabric you will use, it is fortunately not difficult to make a cover for your faded and well-loved seat cushion.

  1. According to the instructions provided by Outdoor Fabric Central, take a measurement of the cushion starting at the seam at the back of the seat and ending at the seam at the front. To calculate the length of fabric required to cover both the top and bottom of the cushion, just multiply that amount by two and add one inch to the result. By adding an additional inch, you will have a seam allowance of half an inch on either end of the cushion.

  2. According to information provided by Foam Factory, take a measurement of the cushion that extends from one side seam to the other across the top of the cushion. From this measurement, add one inch to determine the width of the fabric you’ll need, and then add a seam allowance of half an inch to each side.

  3. If you are covering a box cushion, you will need to measure the height of the cushion. To calculate the amount of fabric required for the sides, front, and back of the box cushion, first multiply the width of the cushion by two and then multiply the depth of the cushion by two. Then, add the results of these two calculations together. Include a seam allowance of two inches in your measurement.


    If the cushion is beginning to lose its loft, increase the depth of the cushion by an additional inch or two to make place for more foam and batting.


    Never replace a cushion that has been recovered onto its chair before ensuring that all of the pins that were used in the stitching process have been removed.

    Things You Will Need

    • Measuring tape

    • Pencil

    • Paper

    • Pins