How to Open a Cable Junction Box



If you open a cable box without the permission of the cable company, you may be violating the terms of service of your cable provider as well as any applicable local laws. Always be sure the box you’re opening is a cable box and not an electrical box, since the latter may be quite hazardous.

The connectors that enable the cable provider to extend a single line to several TVs or different buildings are stored in a cable junction box. These boxes may be found in buildings. There may be a little box on the side of your property or a bigger box with a bluish-green tint near the street, and this is determined by how your cable box was installed (common in developments and urban areas). By accessing the box, you will be able to check for and repair any broken connections as well as tighten any connections that are slack.

  1. Find the silver piece of metal that, at first glance, resembles a locking nut or bolt but, upon closer inspection, reveals itself to be a lock. It will be around the size of the index fingernail on your dominant hand.

  2. Position the metal end of the termination tool so that it fits over the lock in such a way that the lock and the tool form a snug joint.

  3. Twist the handle of the tool until you feel the lock moving. If turning in one direction does not produce the desired result, you should try turning in the opposite direction.

  4. Take off the lock, then remove the front panel of the box away from the rest of the box. Take note that some of the boxes may have a casing that may be removed by lifting it up or sliding it forward. Check to see that the cover does not get snagged on any of the wires located within the device.