How to Prevent Tree Sucker Regrowth


Plants that start from the root system of a tree or shrub and extend outward as far as three times the branch spread are referred to as basal shoots. This term is also popularly known as the more colloquial term “tree suckers.” Tree suckers are a characteristic feature of lilac trees. Chemical and mechanical eradication techniques, which are also used in the process of preventing the development of tree suckers, are helpful in this endeavour as well.

  1. Grab the sucker by its base, and pull it out of the ground. Always rip rather than cut when dealing with suckers, regardless of whether they come from the tree’s roots or its trunk. The dormant buds at the base may be removed with the assistance of tearing.

  2. An application of a growth inhibitor that contains naphthaleneacetate, often known as NAA, should be made over the area where the tree suckers were removed. NAA has a significant presence in the business sector but is also obtainable for use in the home.

  3. Cover the tree suckers with a plastic barrier cloth in this position. Plastic barrier fabric has the ability to effectively suffocate whatever it covers, hence inhibiting any kind of development. This is in contrast to weed barrier cloth, which does not prevent roots and shoots from breaking through. However, it also keeps heat and prevents the flow of water and nutrients, so when using a plastic barrier cloth, it is important to keep an eye on the plants and foliage in the surrounding area to ensure that they remain healthy.

  4. Using a shovel with a sharp edge, cut back the roots by making deep plunges and moving about in a circular manner. Use a herbicide that has a solution of glyphosate that is 2 percent strength. It is usual practise to use glyphosate to eradicate weeds, and this herbicide is also effective when sprayed to tree suckers. Check to see that the connection between the suckers and the tree’s roots has been broken.

    Things You Will Need

    • Growth inhibitor

    • Plastic barrier cloth

    • Sharp shovel

    • Herbicide