How to Put Together a Child Craft Crib



Allen wrench

Wrench with a hex head

In the market for children’s furniture, Child Craft is consistently ranked among the top firms. Because they provide a secure and cosy environment for sleeping, cribs are an essential piece of furniture for households that already have a baby or toddler. Even if you have never put together a cot before, you won’t have any trouble putting together a Child Craft crib.

  1. The stabilising bar should be used to connect the headboard and footboard. Put the brackets for the sta-bars on the headboard and footboard of the bed. After that, secure the connecting bar to these brackets in order to join the boards together. You should now have a stable basic frame, which is the basis upon which you will build as you go through the other sections.

  2. Install the stationary side on the crib by bolting it to the headboard and footboard of one of the crib’s sides using the hardware that came in the package with the hardware. First the bolt plugs are inserted into the holes, and then the bolts are added. Utilizing an Allen wrench, snug up each of the bolts.

  3. Fasten the spring board to the wall. When attaching the board to the headboard and the footboard, make use of the tabs that are located around the edge of the spring board. Make use of the hexhead machine screws that can be found in the hardware bag, and then use a hexhead wrench to put them in place. If the model of your crib includes slots, you may be able to adjust the height of the spring board to one of many possible settings.

  4. Include the drop side here. First, you will need to align the plastic guides on the boards. Install the tracks by using rubber washers as spacers and machine screws as fasteners. The drop side will be able to move along these tracks, and after the crib is completely completed, it will enable the drop side to lock into place.

  5. Prepare the baby’s room by placing a mattress, cushions, and other ornaments within the crib. (The mattress is available for purchase independently of the crib itself.)