How to Remove a Stripped Screw From a Faucet


The various components of a faucet are held together by screws; this is true for faucets in the kitchen, the bathroom, and the shower. On some single-handled faucets, the handle is attached to the base of the faucet with the use of a set screw. When the handle is removed, you will often discover additional screws that are used to secure the faucet cartridge. Faucets with two handles often feature screws that secure the handles to the stems of the faucet and retain the faucet in its closed position. When the head of a faucet screw becomes stripped, the screwdriver is unable to get a hold on the screw and pull it out of the faucet, which prevents repairs from being made. Thankfully, there is a way out of this predicament.

  1. Select the screw extractor that corresponds with the size of the head of the screw you need to remove. You will find a list of screw sizes included with your screw extractor set, which will assist you in selecting the appropriate extractor. After deciding on the screw extractor size, consult the list to find the appropriate size metal drill bit to utilise in the next step of the process.

  2. Put the drill bit into a power drill before you start. Place the bit so that it is directly above the middle of the screw head. Drill a hole into the screw that is about a quarter of an inch deep. To remove the drill bit from the screw, you will need to turn the drill around.

  3. Put the screw extractor in the hole that was previously bored. To remove a screw from its head, first drill a hole in the head of the screw. Then, using a hammer, tap an extractor into the hole until the threads on the extractor “bite” into the screw. In the event that the extractor does not secure a grip on the screw, you may have to deepen the hole.

  4. Install a wrench that can be adjusted onto the top of the screw extractor. In order to remove the stripped screw from the faucet, slowly spin the wrench in the counterclockwise direction.

    Things You Will Need

    • Screw extractor set

    • Assorted metal drill bits

    • Power drill

    • Hammer

    • Adjustable wrench


    Obtain a set of screw extractors from a hardware shop or a centre that specialises in home renovation. These kits are quite reasonably priced, come with extractors in a variety of sizes, and often include contain the necessary drill bits. The screw extractor set may save countless amounts of frustration and may be used again without wearing out its usefulness.