How to Remove Kitchen Grease on Ceiling Fan Blades


When it comes to cleaning ceiling fan blades, the proverb “out of sight, out of mind” rings especially true; this is especially true for the tops of the fan blades, which are concealed from view most of the time. In a kitchen, the tips of the blades become home to piled-on filth, debris, and oily sludge, which are never visible unless you boldly walk up a stepladder to inspect. This may be a dangerous situation. Cleaning them will deliver peace of mind that the blades are grease-free once again – at least for the time being. While it may be tempting to simply climb back down and pretend you saw nothing, cleaning them will bring that piece of mind.

The Prep Work

Before beginning to clean the blades of the ceiling fan, it is advisable to make everything ready, including yourself, so that you do not have to ascend the stepladder several times. If it has been a long time since the fan has been cleaned, place some newspaper on the floor underneath the area where the fan is located. When you wipe the blades, globs of dust may fall off into the floor. If there are youngsters in the home who could accidentally turn on the wall switch for the ceiling fan while you are working, tape the switch down temporarily.

Gather any additional materials you may need, such as spare rags, paper towels, and all of the necessary cleaning products, and place them on the tray of the stepladder so they are easy to reach. Last but not least, put on some kind of eye protection or even a bandanna to cover your head so that none of the crud from the oily fan ends up getting on it or in your eyes.

Grime Time

Because oil behaves somewhat like an adhesive over time, it is quite probable that there is also a buildup of dust and debris adhering to the fan blades if there is grease on the fan blades. Mrs. Clean recommends wiping the blade tops with dry paper towels or soft cloths first to remove the debris that is loose, and then wiping them again with moist cloths to remove even more debris.

Because oil and dirt may be found everywhere on the blade surfaces, you will need to repeat the procedure as many times as necessary on each blade, being sure to cover the tops, bottoms, and even the side edges of the blades. It is necessary to remove the buildup in order to get down to the grease level; otherwise, using a cleaner would just serve to spread the filth about.

Grabbing the Grease

According to Good Housekeeping, a home cleaner that is capable of cutting through oil is the most effective way to remove the greasy sludge from each fan blade. Instead of spraying the cleaner directly onto the fan blades, consider applying it to a moist sponge or cloth instead. Spraying the cleaner directly onto the fan blades might be tricky, with the spray going everywhere except where you want it to go. Clean the blades with rubbing alcohol, and then after they have dried for a few minutes, test them by touching them to see whether they are still oily. If that is the case, wipe them down once more until they have a feeling of being clean.

Preventive Maintenance

Dusting the fan blades and wiping them down with a degreaser on a regular basis ensures that the blades will never become buried beneath a greasy buildup that is difficult to remove. This is true despite the fact that there is no way to guarantee that grease will remain off the fan blades completely. When necessary, dust the blades once every week or two, and always wipe them clean after cooking oily items on the stove. Dust the blades every time you use the stove. Cleaning the blades soon away prevents the oil from setting into place and becoming more difficult to remove.