How to Remove Plastic Nuts on a Faucet


To secure the connection between two components, plumbers and do-it-yourselfers alike will often employ nuts made of a variety of materials. Plastic ones that are put under bathroom and kitchen faucets and fixtures may be very difficult to remove, if not impossible, if you do not have a plastic faucet nut wrench, as stated by the authors at Plumbing & Mechanical. Do not be concerned if you find yourself in a situation in which you need to learn how to remove a plastic nut from a toilet tank or another location. There are methods to accomplish it, and there’s even a gadget meant to make the work much simpler.

Using a Plastic Faucet Nut Wrench

A basin wrench is a versatile tool that may be used for a variety of tasks around the home, including removing the plastic nut from faucets. According to Liberty Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning, the fact that these wrenches have lengthy shafts that can reach tiny spots under sinks makes them ideal for use in doing smaller plumbing operations such as removing and replacing faucets. These basin wrenches are equipped with claw heads that allow for easy gripping of mounting bolts and perpendicular T-bars at the bottom for further leverage.

To loosen or tighten nuts, you may modify the basin wrench claw’s position and spin it to the left or right. When it comes to dealing with faucets, it is clear to understand why specialist wrenches of this sort are superior to the regular pliers and wrenches that are available. This tool for removing the faucet nut is available to purchase at Home Depot, as well as other stores that sell them at reasonable prices. Prices start at around $15, but for a set of professional-grade ones or an individual one, you should expect to spend close to $100 total.

How to Remove a Stuck Faucet Nuts

A broken or stuck plastic nut on a faucet may be removed from the fixture with relative ease with a basin wrench; however, removing the nut in some circumstances may need more work. To get started, get below the sink and position the wrench so that the claw head is grabbing the notches of the mounting nut. If necessary, make any necessary adjustments to the position. Turn the wrench to the left while maintaining one hand on the T-bar and the other on the wrench body.

Another item that might be useful is a universal faucet nut wrench, which can be purchased at Lowe’s as well as other home improvement retailers. However, the authors at Home Arise suggest using a few drops of penetrating oil in the event that a plastic or metal faucet nut is stubborn and won’t loosen. After allowing it to take effect for a while, you should give the wrench another go. Home Arise says that if all else fails, drilling through the side of the nut and putting a screwdriver into the resulting hole is a viable option. However, there is a possibility that this drilling might lead the pipe to become severely damaged.

Other Ways to Remove Stuck Faucet Nuts

This Old House demonstrates several additional methods that are often successful in the event that the metal or plastic nut refuses to release. Surprisingly, the first thought that comes to mind is to see if one can get the nut tighter since any form of movement is seen to be progress. If it moves, give it a little more of a spin to loosen it up, and then give it a turn to the left. You also have the option of applying heat to the nut using a heat gun or a hairdryer. You should do this for one minute, and then soon thereafter, you should attempt to spin the nut.

You may also use a centre punch to create a hole in the nut, and then use a hammer to tap on the hole. You should aim to make contact with the nut itself rather than the threads that surround it. You may spray the threads that are closest to the nut with Liquid Wrench, and then repeat this process many times over the course of the next twenty-four hours. If there is any rust present, you should use a wire brush to remove it and then clean the area. The whitish lime may be dissolved by using white vinegar.

Oil that can penetrate!!-!!!!-!! Liquid Wrench

White vinegar

Wrench for the basin!!!-!!! wrench that works on all types of faucet nuts!!-!! Drill

Driver for a screwdriver!!-!! The use of a heat gun or a hair dryer!!-!! Tool for punching!!-!!!!-!! Hammer

Brush with wires



Heat gun or hair dryer

Punch tool


Wire brush